Web Designing – Beginner

//Web Designing – Beginner

Web Designing – Beginner



Do you want to design your own website but don’t know where to start? This course is ideal for those who want to set up their own website from scratch without the hassle of learning complicated programming languages. You will be introduced to easy to use online tools that will help you to create and maintain a basic website / blog. Ideal for artists, creatives, or those who just want to impress friends & family.




Beginners – 1 day, Intermediate – 3 days*, Advance – 5 days


Course Dates:
TBA – See calendar for schedules


Entry requirements:
Although no previous experience is required, knowledge of Photoshop or similar image editing software will be beneficial.Good computer skills are essential for making this course a success. Therefore, all students are expected to be confident in using a computer for tasks such as word processing, saving and managing files, browsing the internet etc. Students may benefit from enrolling on our Introduction to Computers’ course. This short course can be taken alongside with any of our digital design, film and photography courses and will help you to gain the confidence you need when working with digital tools. As part of the course you will be asked to read tutorials, take notes and discuss related topics, therefore, all students must be able to speak, read and write in English.


What will I learn on the course?:

  • Gain an understanding of what makes a successful website and what makes it easy to navigate
  • How to create an account and set up your own website e.g. using moonfruit
  • Integrate Social media to increase traffic to your site
  • Organise files and learn how to create and optimise artwork for the web/email.
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver, the web authoring package in conjunction with HTML and CSS.


What will I be doing in class?:
After looking at and discussing examples, the tutor will demonstrate techniques and processes on how to access the various online tools examined. Activities (individual and pair) with support from the tutor will also take place.There will be an emphasis on sharing knowledge and experience, through discussion, show and tell and group work. The tutor will facilitate group discussions, and work with students one-to-one and in groups.
Does the course have features I should be aware of (workload, level of technical knowledge etc)?
Students are encouraged to revise and practice at home to reinforce what they have learned during the lesson. Access to a computer with Internet connection is recommended. However, if you do not have a computer at home please ask the tutor for the learning facilities available at Joseph Media / CVA.


What do I need to bring with me to class?
Students should bring a pen and notepad, as you will need these to take or annotate notes. Furthermore, we advise students to bring a storage device such as USB Memory stick or mini hard drive to each lesson, as this will help keeping track of your progress.


What next, after the course ends?
Once you have completed the course you will have a good foundation on which you can build on. For those who want to create professional websites we recommend HTML&CSS, Web Design Intermediate and Advanced & Web Development, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver or Flash – Accredited. Please don’t hesitate to ask the tutor for advice.


Where will my course take place?

Joseph Media / CVA



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